Friday, January 13, 2017

Piper- THREE Months

weight: I'd say Piper is probably around 12 pounds now. 

length: 22.4 inches or maybe a little longer 

diaper size: Size 1. I think I've officially decided huggies diapers are my favorite. But I prefer pampers wipes! 

clothing size: 0-3 month & 3 month. Won't be long before we break out the 3-6 month clothes! I think I'll try this weekend with some of the super cute Harry Potter onesies she has!

nicknames: P, Pipes, sweet girl

health: this one is going to make me a little sad. On Wednesday we had a physical therapy evaluation for Piper & it didn't go as well as we were hoping :( Piper is more than likely going to have to start having PT twice a week for 30 minutes each time. This is to work on her torticollis (tightening of the neck muscles). We also have to work on stretches with her at home. I want the best for her but it definitely breaks this mommy's heart to be away from her all day & then have to work on mean ol stretches in our limited time together at night. But we know this will only be a blip in the grand scheme of everything and it will get better! Piper also has plagiocephaly (head flatness) due to her torticollis so we are working on that also with even more tummy time worked into our routine. We def appreciate all prayers for Piper & us as we tackle these issues head on (lolol I'm so funny). Specifically that Piper's plagiocephaly can improve and she will not end up in a baby helmet! Even though Piper's doctor told us her torticollis most likely developed while she was in the womb & some babies are just more likely to end up with it, this first time mommy feels incredibly sad and responsible for it :( 

sleep: so good! Piper has been sleeping in her room since Christmas! We typically get up about once a night between 1-3. She can sleep all night and has a few times but I never get my hopes up when it happens!

diet: Still soy formula but we switched from pear juice to apple juice this week. 

baby gear love: Still love our baby breeza and probably always will. Piper has also started to enjoy her activity mat recently. I also loveeee our video monitors. Since moving her to her room it's given me such peace of mind to still be able to see her. We're going to try to start using her bumbo and exersaucer soon too now that her head control is so good. Hopefully next month those will be under this category ;)

baby gear hate: No new hates this month although we didn't really try anything new! 

likes: Piper still has a lot of the same likes from last month! Loves her blankie! Also likes to be helped pulled up into a standing position, sleeping on her tummy, & snuggling/playing with mommy and daddy.

dislikes: Piper does not care for her neck stretches. She also has questionable feelings towards her juice and has recently started to be mad about the car seat, but that one only lasts about a minute and then shes content. Blankie helps save the day on that one.

milestones: Piper can hold her head up and rolled from belly to back for the first time in the wee hours of the morning on Friday! She wanted to ring in 3 months with a bang ;)

things we have done in the last month: We had our first Christmas & NYE. We also had our first bout of sickness :( But it cleared up relatively fast thank goodness! We also moved to sleeping in our own room and have started going to Ms. Audra's house on Wednesday nights while mom & dad help out at youth!

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