Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Book Review: Little Girl Lost

So it's been about 3 years since I wrote a DO NOT READ post but here we are! Do not read the book Little Girl Lost by Addison Moore. There I said it.

I had hopes for this book! Plot sounded interesting. Tons of pop up surprises and people and baggage and then the author ruined it. At least to me. I guess if you're super into sci-fi and curses and paranormal than be my guest and give the book a try, but to me I want a nice realistic ending.

Moving on I'm going to go into a LOT of spoilers. So if for some reason you choose to read this book, don't move on any further on this post.


So I've read (& blogged) about Addison Moore before. Other books I've read of hers are all little rom-com romance books. They're good, but not much to them. Girl meets guy, usually they hate each other, eventually fall in love, something tries to pull them apart, they overcome, happy endings all around. Super easy, great little vacation books. So when I saw this book by her and that it was suspense I was excited. I've always loved Moore's characters and thought this would be a great book. And it had such potential!! But the ending was the worst.

You can read the summary on goodreads here.

Basically, married couple has a 6 year old daughter named Reagan. Marital troubles have them decide to move from LA to Idaho. Shortly after moving, Reagan is abducted and all these past secrets from both parents come out. And let me tell you, there are some goooood secrets. And that's why I hate the ending so much.

Here's the ending:

The little girl that Reagan disappears with, Ota, is like a spirit demon. Reagan is part Native American and the tribe she is descended from has a horrible curse placed on it by another tribe. Ota is the embodiment of the curse and the other tribe set out to kill Reagan as they do every member of the tribe.


I was literally so mad at that. I was so into the story and that's what you give me? Ughhhh.

Now for all the good stuff so you don't have to read the book but still get to hear all the dirty little secrets:

Allison- Lied to husband about Reagan being his. They were on a break in college and she began seeing Reagan's dad. He died in a freak accident (ie the curse) before she even knew she was pregnant. She was also dating James again. So anyways she just let him believe Reagan was his.  Another fun Allison twist was she had this super stalker ever since high school named Heather Evans. This girl was legit batty. She even named her two daughters after Allison, one named Allison and one named Ally.... creepyyyy. Allison's sister Jane is serving a life sentence in prison in California for hacking up her abusive husband. She's part of a jail gang that spans the inside/outside world and she sends a member to stalk some people on Allison's behalf which at some point in the book looks real bad for Allison when Reagan is missing. Also, Allison's mother was abusive/cray cray to both girls growing up.

Whew. Sounds like a lot right? James has even better twists!

James- Cheated on his wife with their neighbor which led to the move (to his hometown) in the first place, when they move back his psycho high school girlfriend, Monica, continuously tries to get him to be with her, the neighbor from LA is pregnant and claims it's his and demands he leaves Allison for his "new" family. All of which is very interesting but my favorite part is James past. So James had two older brothers and an older sister growing up. His father was the small town judge and his mom a socialite. His dad was very strict about rules and being a superior, perfect family. His oldest brother got into some trouble with drugs and what not and overdosed when James was a young boy. His sister had "women's problems" and passed away not long after that. So then it was just James and his brother Aston. That is until one day they were cleaning their hunting guns and James accidentally shot and killed his brother. Almost two years prior to James moving back home his mom is killed in a train accident. So misfortune always seems to follow him. But, bum bum bum turns out his father is a horrible sociopath who likes to play God! His dad killed his oldest brother because he was using drugs and ruining their image. Killed his sister because she was pregnant and in high school. Turns out he left the bullet in the chamber of the gun fully expecting James to shoot himself while cleaning the gun because he wanted Aston to live not James. Killed his wife because she was leaving him because of all that plus found out he'd been having a long term affair. Who with you ask? James psycho ex from high school!! They even had a child together shortly after James left for school, but the psycho father killed that child too because he was tired of Monica asking for help and money.

So basically so many good things to do with this book and all we get is a demon "child".

Monday, April 16, 2018

Piper- 18 Months

oh my gosh! It's so hard to put into words just how much I love and am in awe of my sweet baby girl. Every day is a new adventure with her and I love watching her personality shine brighter each day.

weight: 22-23 pounds. She's between 50th & 75th percentile on weight, which surprised me because shes on the smaller side haha

length: 32 inches, right at 50th percentile.

diaper size: Size 5

clothing size: 18 month
nicknames: P, Pipes, Piper Roo, etc etc 

health: Piper is getting over another ear infection currently, but her ears were checked at her appointment today and he said they look great! She also had her iron levels checked again & she is no longer anemic!!!

sleep: Piper is such an awesome sleeper these days! On the weekends she's been sleeping in til about 9 and she still takes a 2 hour nap in the afternoon. When she wakes up in the morning or from naps she likes to chill in her crib for a bit on her own and look at a book I keep in her crib for her. It is seriously the sweetest.

diet: Piper sometimes eats what we eat for dinner, but not always because we tend to eat a lot of spicy foods. For dinners she loves chicken alfredo, spaghetti, chicken & rice, and chicken & dumplings. Snacks are still her favorite! She loves white cheddar cheetos, fruit snacks, poptarts, bananas, strawberries, yogurt covered raisins, cheese, cereal, etc

likes: being outside & watching Daniel Tiger & Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (we're taking a nice break from little baby bum hahaha). She is also obsessed with chairs currently. She tries to take her blue outside chair with her everywhere lol

dislikes: not being able to be miss independent! If she thinks she should be doing something (ie going outside hahaha) she will pitch herself a nice fit about it if she doesn't get to do it.

milestones: In the past 3 months we've done away with milk at bedtime & she uses her paci only in her room (aka bedtime/naptime). Piper has gained 1 additional tooth LOL. She's in no hurry to fill up that mouth (only up to 7). We're slowly intoducing the potty to her, so fingers crossed on that lol Piper isn't saying a whole lot (mom, daddy, uh oh, bye bye, all done, dog, cat, more, mine (LOL). she attempts please and thank you but you def have to use your imaginination on those lol) but her dr isn't concerned & her receptive language (do this, bring me that, etc) is great!

Monday, April 2, 2018

House Updates- Dining Room

Hello again! Time to show off our dining room! I love love love the way this room looks now. Before it was just kinda there, I didn't love it or hate it. 



At first I was afraid I wouldn't like moving the table because it would leave a weird open space but I love it so much because now Piper has so much room to play.

So things that changed: new table/table decoration, new blinds, new light, bookshelf gone, new wall art, & cat tree added to empty space. The new table is recent (like in the last month recent) & I love it so much. I've always wanted a table with benches and its perfect. I know Piper will like sitting at the bench when shes a little older and she currently loves lining her zoo animals up on it. The new light isn't new anymore because we replaced that a couple of years ago because we hatedddd the original. Mom took it and revamped it by removing all the fake crystals and replacing the bulbs with solar lights. It looks muchhh better on her porch than in our dining room. The book shelf moved to the living room and the cat tree came in here. I think the new wood blinds and the happiness is homemade sign finish off the room perfectly :) 

Friday, March 16, 2018

House Updates- Living Room

The living room has been a fun one to watch change. I still have two big changes I want to make (a sectional couch & pipe shelves instead of the bookcase) but I love love love our collage wall!







So it is very obvious we have a toddler now ;) I thought about putting away some of her toys for the pictures, but it was like what's the point? Piper lives here just as much as us no reason to hide her favorite toys :)

The big rug in here is the best. When we moved we spent forever trying to pick the best one for the room and I'm so glad it's the one we settled on. It ties in all the right colors and 3 years later I still love it.

You can see how much the dining room has changed in the background too, but I won't get around to doing a post on it until I can figure out what I wanna do with the huge blank wall! 

I love seeing how the rooms in our house can change even without major changes (ie no paint, new floors, etc). All it takes is so decorations & love ;)