Tuesday, October 24, 2017


I'm late to posting... what else is new? But I still can't believe my baby is one!! This year was definitely the fastest of my life. Everyday Piper brings so much joy to our lives. Lazy days at home are the best & we could play in our playroom for hours on hours. 

weight: 20 lbs

length: 28 3/4

diaper size: Switched to Luvs and our blowouts have disappeared! We went back down to 4s but will buy 5s next time cause we're starting to leak at night again

clothing size: 12 month

nicknames: P, Pipes, Piper Roo, PP (even though everyone hates it hahaha) etc etc 

health: Still doing PT. Also found out she's slightly anemic so we will be pushing foods with iron. She will be checked again at 15 month checkup.

sleep: Good! I was worried when we went out of town for a few days last week it would take a hit but she did great! Even slept in a little (8) this weekend!

diet: Still loves eating everything! We haven't taken her off formula just yet, but are doing half/half milk & formula.

likes: books, playing, little baby bum, swinging, snacks, people watching, etc etc. Girl likes pretty much everything haha

dislikes: after being an awesome medicine taker, she decided last week she hates medicine and fights me now lol

milestones: 2nd tooth, says mama, dada, uh oh, nana, & no. sometimes will say yum yum (nom nom lol). waves bye (finally, little stinker haha), gives kisses when you ask.

things we have done in the last month: celebrated Audi's 5th birthday, took family pics, went to the pumpkin patch, went on a mini vacation to Great Wolf Lodge

Thanks for keeping up with Piper the last year!! <3

Monday, September 18, 2017

Piper- ELEVEN Months

weight: I keep meaning to check but then I forget lol

length: Longgg. We wore a dress to church yesterday that let everyone see our bloomers the whole time lol #momfail

diaper size: Size 5

clothing size: 9 month & some 12 month

nicknames: P, Pipes, Piper Roo, etc etc 

health: Still doing PT.

sleep: Good! Been sleeping through the night for about the past month. Occasionally will wake up but puts herself back to sleep with a bottle. Still wakes up so happy in the morning. The first thing she does when she sits up is claps :)

diet: loves her some food! We think she might have a slight milk allergy though because yogurt tore her up last week! She can have some dairy though so maybe it'll be something she'll outgrow. 

likes: Feeding the dogs (her food lol), snacks, tv!

dislikes: I wouldn't say theres any new dislikes. P is very willful so basically just if she feels like she should be getting to do something and shes not she will get mad about it haha

milestones: 1st tooth came through! Also, finally saying Mama! Cruises along furniture and is a pro at her walking toy/speedy little crawler.

things we have done in the last month: Celebrated Evan's 5th birthday! Made a playroom at the house for P, went to her first football game, took 1 year photos, found out we will be getting a new BFF named DEAN in January :) & survived her first rhea lana's shopping experience ;)

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Piper- TEN Months

How in the world is it possible this sweet girl is 10 months old already?? Everyday she looks & acts more like a toddler than a baby. She is fearless & her joy is infectious. Even when she is being a stinker you can't help but laugh at her! Soon we will have a one year old but this mommy is going to savor the last moments of babyhood while she can!

weight: pushing 19 pounds I think

length: Probably close to 28 inches. Girl has some long legs.

diaper size: Size 4 

clothing size: 9 month

nicknames: P, Pipes, Piper Roo, etc etc 

health: Still doing PT. Also, she's on an antibiotic currently for a sinus infection but it's not slowing her down! 

sleep: Good. Usually sleeps through the night, but if she wakes up I can typically just go give her the bottle and she will feed herself in her crib and go back to sleep. We've figured out this summer that she sleeps better when her room is colder (as does mommy) so that's been helpful.

diet: Still takes formula with breakfast, sometimes lunch, an afternoon snack, & at bedtime, but only the bedtime one is in a bottle. The rest is from a sippy. Girl is loving some food! Rarely wants baby food anymore because she is a big girl and wants big girl food! Daycare has started giving her whatever they have for lunch and at home we've introduced chef boyardee meals (beefaroni, spaghettios, etc) & vienna sausages (gag!). Snack time is still her favorite & she'd probably snack all day if we'd let her. At home we give her yogurt melts, puffs, & baby cheetos but she eats anything at daycare from vanilla wafers to crackers, to puffcorn.

likes: Her toys, snacks, & all her animals!

dislikes: Mom's dog LOL & not being able to move/go where she wants. Girl is always on the move these days.

milestones: Crawls everywhereeee. Loves to pull up & walk with her push walker toy. Learning to stand without holding on to anything. Jabbers all the time. Dada is becoming a favorite as is Hi but she still just laughs when I try to get her to say Mama. She knows what no-no means but likes to push her limits ;)

things we have done in the last month: Celebrated Isaac's 3rd birthday & tried cake there for the first time! It was a big hit and I can't wait till we do her smash cake photos! Went to the park for the first time. 1st VBS!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

An Ode to Liane Moriarty

SURPRISE! It's a blog post about books instead of Piper! Who knew I remembered how to do this anymore... crazy times!

But for real. Since April I've been reading one particular author, Liane Moriarty, whenever I had the chance, aka whenever the books became available at the library. I LOVE them. I love her writing style, the characters, the story lines, etc etc. So I've decided to rank her books in order of my favorites :) The title's are hyperlinks to the goodreads page for each book.

1. What Alice Forgot
2. 3 Wishes
3. Big Little Lies
4. The Last Anniversary
5. The Husband's Secret
6. Truly Madly Guilty 
7. The Hypnoist Love Story

Ranking them was pretty hard because I genuienly really like all of the books, esp the top 5. The Hypnotist Love Story just seemed to drag on to me and Truly Madly Guilty had way too slow of a start for my taste. 
I think I liked What Alice Forgot the most because Alice has amnesia and believes herself to be pregnant with her first child. I read this when Piper was about 6 months old so I could relate to all the pregnancy thoughts, fears, excitement, etc because it was all still so fresh for me. 

Big Little Lies almost beat out 3 Wishes for the number two spot because its story line is fantastic and there are so many twists and turns, but in the end I loved the triplet sisters that starred in 3 wishes too much to knock them down to third. 

I will say one thing to know going into her books is that they are all set in Australia. It took the first book for me to adjust to the difference because of this and then I stopped noticing it.   

If you are looking for a new book or author to read I highly recommend Liane Moriarty! Her books are all standalone so you can read them in whatever order you prefer. I promise you will not be disappointed! She is one of the best, if not the best, authors I've ever read at connecting so many different characters and story lines in so many different ways. I would bet if I went back and reread the books I would find new connections I missed the first go around.  

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Piper- NINE Months

excited because she saw the cat

crawling to mommy

weight: 17.13 pounds! y'all I swear she feels so much heavier! lol  

length: 27 1/2 inches long. She's all legs! 

diaper size: Size 4 

clothing size: 6/ 6-9/ 9 

nicknames: P, Pipes, Piper Roo, etc etc 

health: Doing so well! We are currently on a 2 week break from PT to see her progress with talks of graduating out at the end of the 2 weeks or a month or so after! So proud of P! She's been kinda snotty and wheezy for the last week or so but her Dr. thinks allergies because her chest and ears are clear its all just in her nose.  

sleep: Sleeps through the night... when she wants to lol The problem lately is she sits herself up as soon as she wakes up so she thinks its playtime regardless of if it's at night or not. Before we lowered her crib I was more worried but now that her crib is all the way lowered I'm going to try just letting her play and seeing if she puts herself back to sleep 

diet: Soy formula, baby food of all kinds (veggies, fruits, and meats), puffs, and now the freeze-dried yogurt dot things. She likes to gnaw on table food like bread and pretzels but doesn't like chunks in her baby food just yet.  

likes: Her v-tech book toy, food, being held/snuggling, her animals, mommy & daddy! 

dislikes: being put down lol someone is a bit spoiled 

milestones: Crawls!! Pulls up, can say dada (but not intentionally haha), feeds herself both bottle (finally lol) and snacks 

things we have done in the last month: We had a busy month! We went to Aubrey's 9th birthday party & celebrated with her on her actual birthday too!

first Father's Day


Swam in our pool for the first time! 
had our first yard sale

 went to Michelle's wedding

Helped Aunt Vally & Uncle Nae Nae move

  1st 4th of July

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Piper- EIGHT Months

weight: heavy lol I'd say maybe 18 pounds these days... maybe idk lol

length: She's pretty long! We don't go back to the dr till the end of July though so who knows.

diaper size: Size 3

clothing size: 3-6/6/6-9/9

nicknames: P, Pipes, Piper Roo, Piper Wiper, Booger Butt & Stinky Butt are new this month.... we're really working on her self esteem ;)

health: Allergies have been a constant this month but we can handle a runny nose lol

sleep: I was all prepared to write she sleeps through the night because she has all month... except for the last two nights :( She has reverted back to waking up twice every night! She hasn't done this since before Christmas really so really hoping it goes back away soon. Think it might be related to teething, but what do I know. I'm just making guesses in the dark here lol

diet: Soy formula, baby food of all kinds (veggies, fruits, and meats). We've tried puffs but she doesn't quite understand them lol will maybe start introducing table foods soon. My hesitation is making sure to stay away from milk products for awhile.

likes: mommy! lol we definitely went through the mommy clingy phase after vacation.

dislikes:The ocean! /cold water in general.

milestones: Crawls (army style ;)) backwards, reaches for you to be picked up, pulls to standing.

things we have done in the last month: 1st vacation & 1st plane ride! 

Monday, May 15, 2017

Piper- SEVEN Months

weight: somewhere between 16-17 pounds

length: Idk.. long lol

diaper size: Size 3

clothing size: 3-6/6, fixing to try some 6-9 because Pipes is too long! also half her 3/6 month shorts cut off circulation in her chubby little thighs lol

nicknames: P, Pipes, Piper Roo, Piper Wiper

health: Been a good month. Snotty a lot of the time but seems to be clearing up (fingers crossed!)

sleep: Pipes has been sleeping around 11-12 hours a night! So thats been awesome. She doesn't make it every night but she still is a good enough sleeper for this mama. Except for this morning where she woke up at 4.... (please be a one time thing...)

diet: Soy formula plus all the gerber veggies and we've started introducing fruits. So far the only food she didn't care for was green beans and she thought apples were sour haha. Girl LOVES to eat though. She eats a 2.5 oz thing of food at daycare in the day and another one at home in the evening. Shes also still eating about 20-25 oz of formula a day.

baby gear love: Highchair/shopping cart cover! This thing has been getting it's money worth this month.

likes: Her walker, sucking her lips in and looking so funny, books, exploring any and everything within her reach, 

dislikes: Green beans. Doesn't love her frog seat anymore. She thinks she's a big kid now and doesn't like it!

milestones: Piper is 100% sitting up on her own and doing a fantastic job. Still really wants to crawl but not there just yet. She is a good scooter thought :)

things we have done in the last month: Mommy left us for 4 whole days! We also had our first mommy and Piper trip to Hot Springs without daddy to watch Aubrey's end of the year program. Piper also got her ears pierced this month!