Thursday, July 13, 2017

Piper- NINE Months

excited because she saw the cat

crawling to mommy

weight: 17.13 pounds! y'all I swear she feels so much heavier! lol  

length: 27 1/2 inches long. She's all legs! 

diaper size: Size 4 

clothing size: 6/ 6-9/ 9 

nicknames: P, Pipes, Piper Roo, etc etc 

health: Doing so well! We are currently on a 2 week break from PT to see her progress with talks of graduating out at the end of the 2 weeks or a month or so after! So proud of P! She's been kinda snotty and wheezy for the last week or so but her Dr. thinks allergies because her chest and ears are clear its all just in her nose.  

sleep: Sleeps through the night... when she wants to lol The problem lately is she sits herself up as soon as she wakes up so she thinks its playtime regardless of if it's at night or not. Before we lowered her crib I was more worried but now that her crib is all the way lowered I'm going to try just letting her play and seeing if she puts herself back to sleep 

diet: Soy formula, baby food of all kinds (veggies, fruits, and meats), puffs, and now the freeze-dried yogurt dot things. She likes to gnaw on table food like bread and pretzels but doesn't like chunks in her baby food just yet.  

likes: Her v-tech book toy, food, being held/snuggling, her animals, mommy & daddy! 

dislikes: being put down lol someone is a bit spoiled 

milestones: Crawls!! Pulls up, can say dada (but not intentionally haha), feeds herself both bottle (finally lol) and snacks 

things we have done in the last month: We had a busy month! We went to Aubrey's 9th birthday party & celebrated with her on her actual birthday too!

first Father's Day


Swam in our pool for the first time! 
had our first yard sale

 went to Michelle's wedding

Helped Aunt Vally & Uncle Nae Nae move

  1st 4th of July

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Piper- EIGHT Months

weight: heavy lol I'd say maybe 18 pounds these days... maybe idk lol

length: She's pretty long! We don't go back to the dr till the end of July though so who knows.

diaper size: Size 3

clothing size: 3-6/6/6-9/9

nicknames: P, Pipes, Piper Roo, Piper Wiper, Booger Butt & Stinky Butt are new this month.... we're really working on her self esteem ;)

health: Allergies have been a constant this month but we can handle a runny nose lol

sleep: I was all prepared to write she sleeps through the night because she has all month... except for the last two nights :( She has reverted back to waking up twice every night! She hasn't done this since before Christmas really so really hoping it goes back away soon. Think it might be related to teething, but what do I know. I'm just making guesses in the dark here lol

diet: Soy formula, baby food of all kinds (veggies, fruits, and meats). We've tried puffs but she doesn't quite understand them lol will maybe start introducing table foods soon. My hesitation is making sure to stay away from milk products for awhile.

likes: mommy! lol we definitely went through the mommy clingy phase after vacation.

dislikes:The ocean! /cold water in general.

milestones: Crawls (army style ;)) backwards, reaches for you to be picked up, pulls to standing.

things we have done in the last month: 1st vacation & 1st plane ride! 

Monday, May 15, 2017

Piper- SEVEN Months

weight: somewhere between 16-17 pounds

length: Idk.. long lol

diaper size: Size 3

clothing size: 3-6/6, fixing to try some 6-9 because Pipes is too long! also half her 3/6 month shorts cut off circulation in her chubby little thighs lol

nicknames: P, Pipes, Piper Roo, Piper Wiper

health: Been a good month. Snotty a lot of the time but seems to be clearing up (fingers crossed!)

sleep: Pipes has been sleeping around 11-12 hours a night! So thats been awesome. She doesn't make it every night but she still is a good enough sleeper for this mama. Except for this morning where she woke up at 4.... (please be a one time thing...)

diet: Soy formula plus all the gerber veggies and we've started introducing fruits. So far the only food she didn't care for was green beans and she thought apples were sour haha. Girl LOVES to eat though. She eats a 2.5 oz thing of food at daycare in the day and another one at home in the evening. Shes also still eating about 20-25 oz of formula a day.

baby gear love: Highchair/shopping cart cover! This thing has been getting it's money worth this month.

likes: Her walker, sucking her lips in and looking so funny, books, exploring any and everything within her reach, 

dislikes: Green beans. Doesn't love her frog seat anymore. She thinks she's a big kid now and doesn't like it!

milestones: Piper is 100% sitting up on her own and doing a fantastic job. Still really wants to crawl but not there just yet. She is a good scooter thought :)

things we have done in the last month: Mommy left us for 4 whole days! We also had our first mommy and Piper trip to Hot Springs without daddy to watch Aubrey's end of the year program. Piper also got her ears pierced this month!

Friday, April 14, 2017

Piper- SIX Months

How in the world is my sweet baby half a year old already?! Piper has such a goofy little personality! I can pretty much count on 1 hand the number of times shes had real good crys. She is just always so happy! We are so lucky and blessed to have such a sweet and easy baby. That being said, I do think little miss is going to have a flair for the dramatics ;) If I'm busy doing something and she decides she's ready to be picked up she doesn't cry or whine but rather squawks/yells at me like hey! I'm down here!

weight: We went to the Dr. last Saturday for some antibiotics for a nasty cough and weighed 15 pounds 12 ounces! Our 6 month appointment is at the end of this month. I'm betting P will be 16 pounds by then.

length: Somewhere around 25 inches I would guess.

diaper size: Size 2

clothing size: 3-6/6

nicknames: P, Pipes, Piper Roo, Piper Wiper which also sometimes leads into Piper Wiper Diaper lol

health: Had a nasty cough for much of this month, but it is going away now thank goodness! Glad Piper did not inherit allergies to antibiotics from me!

sleep: She has really started to get the hang of this sleep through the night stuff. She has been staying up later lately. She will usually go to bed between 7-8. She has had several stints of sleeping all night, but sometimes get up before 12 to eat again and go right back to sleep and then I wake her up at 7 to get ready for daycare :)

diet: Soy formula. We've also introduced squash and peas. She doesn't love it, but she tolerates it. We've found it helps if we add cereal to the baby food to make it thicker. She doesn't like it when it's runny. She liked the peas more than the squash. Probably because it was naturally thicker and didn't need any cereal added lol

baby gear love: We've introduced lots of new toys this month! Piper is loving her swing set, her walker, and her jumper!

baby gear hate: No hates this month!

likes: So many likes! This kid is SUCH a happy baby! Piper likes bathtime, swinging outside, jumping in her jumper, walking in her walker, watching tv, watching all her pets (she looks for them all the time!), and playing with her feet.

dislikes: PT lol she likes her therapist! But not the stretches.

milestones: Piper can mostly sit up on her own. Still really wants to crawl but hasn't quite figured out how to move her arms for that yet. So she ends up with her but in the air kind of scooting in a circle lol

things we have done in the last month: Went to our first wedding (congrats Kirst!), have tried squash and peas and planning on trying carrots this weekend, started sitting in a high chair at restaurants, 1st St. Patrick's Day.

Happy half year birthday sweet girl! I can't imagine life without you!  

Monday, March 13, 2017

Piper- FIVE months

weight: She was 14 pounds at last weigh in. I'd say around 14.5-15 now lol 

length: was 24.6 probably around the same. 

diaper size: Size 1 still works during the day but we have to sleep in size 2 or we leak

clothing size: 3-6. Mommy finally went shopping and no more too small 0-3! But it'd be super helpful if the weather would stay warm as most of our 3-6 is warm weather clothes

nicknames: P, Pipes, sweet girl, Piper Wiper which also sometimes leads into Piper Wiper Diaper lol

health: doing good! Piper goes to PT twice a week. We will re-evaluate in May to see if she will be done or need some more work. She has been doing great though and there is noticeable progress! Also, her dr does NOT think she will need to be recommended for a baby helmet! happy happy happy dance!

sleep: She is a good sleeper. Does she sleep through the night every night? No. But that's okay :) One thing she is great at is putting herself to sleep. We've never had to do anything specific for her. When she's tired just lay her down and she will chew on her fingers/stare intently at her monitor until she drifts off.

diet: Soy formula. Still trying to get the kid to give cereal a try lol might have to throw the towel in on it and just try other things.

baby gear love: Baby Breeza, Fisher Price seat, and her awesome convertible car seat!!

baby gear hate: We really didn't introduce anything new this month besides her car seat and that was a big success!

likes: Toys are a big hit this month! Still loves oball (though we had to replace her rattle one with just a regular one after the rattle ones were recalled!). She also loves crinkly books! Basically Piper's thought process to toys is this: Can I fit it in my mouth? Yes- I love it. No- I don't like it. This girl loves her some tv! It's become our Saturday morning routine for us to all sit down together and watch a movie. Sometimes Piper makes it through the whole thing, sometimes she needs a nap part way. Sean & I may or may not pause the movie for her ;) 

dislikes: Piper still does not care for her neck stretches, but that's a given.
milestones: Piper can roll from any side now and is doing good at sitting up on her own with just a little support! She really wants to crawl but hasn't quite figured it out yet I will be surprised if next month's milestone doesn't include her first tooth, but we shall see!

things we have done in the last month: First Valentine's Day, met our Aunt Cassidy for the first time, started PT, and lots of Wednesday night play dates with our BFFs Madelyn & Jasen! We also had our first night away from Mommy (but not our first night away from home! Daddy was home with her).

Monday, February 13, 2017

Piper- FOUR Months

weight: We go to the Dr. next week, but I'm thinking little miss is between 13-14 pounds EDIT: Went to the Dr this morning and we are a chunky 14.1 pounds!

length: Idk, we'll see haha EDIT: Went to the Dr this morning and we are 24 and a half inches long!

diaper size: Still size 1

clothing size: We have phased into some 3-6 month and phased out of some 0-3. But she can still do some 0-3 and not do some 3-6. Baby clothes are hard lol

nicknames: P, Pipes, sweet girl, Princess Piper

health: Doing good. We stayed away from major sickies this month. We should be starting PT this week or next but we've been working on stretches at home for the past month and can already see improvement :)

sleep: Pipes has been making a new sleep schedule just about every week. She likes to keep me on my toes! We had one week where she slept through the night, then she decided she was over it. For the past few days shes been sleeping from about 8-4:00ish. Which is good, but it's not my favorite. I'd rather get up at like 2 and still have a few hours to sleep after lol

diet: Still soy formula. We tried cereal about a week ago and she didn't care that much about it. Maybe we'll try again in a week or so. 

baby gear love: Still love our baby breeza and probably always will. Also, super LOVE her fisher price seat. This kid loves this thing and I love that she can chill in it comfortably and NOT be on the back of her head. Such a win win! AND we have discovered a paci she likes! So this has been nice. It's especially helpful when it's time to do her neck stretches.

baby gear hate: She didn't care for her bumbo, she much prefers her fisher price seat. But maybe she'll like the bumbo when she's a little bigger.

likes: Piper loves bath time with daddy and talking to anyone and anything! She also loves her hands. Those things are constantly going into our mouth and spreading drool everywhere! We also just introduced her to an oball rattle & she thinks it's pretty neat too. & did I mention TV? Cause this kid is alllll about some tv.  

dislikes: P is such a happy baby it's hard to come up with dislikes! Which I am not complaining about!! The carseat can still make her mad if she's already in a finicky mood. That's really about it.

milestones: Piper is trying to work on rolling from back to belly but she usually gets lazy and only does half her body before she's over it!

things we have done in the last month: This was a pretty chill month. Not a whole lot going on. Piper gets to celebrate her first Valentine's day tomorrow and of course we've already broke out our festive clothes yesterday for church. This weekend she gets to meet her new Aunt for the first time! Sweet Cassidy is 2 and a half months younger than P :)