Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Piper- EIGHT Months

weight: heavy lol I'd say maybe 18 pounds these days... maybe idk lol

length: She's pretty long! We don't go back to the dr till the end of July though so who knows.

diaper size: Size 3

clothing size: 3-6/6/6-9/9

nicknames: P, Pipes, Piper Roo, Piper Wiper, Booger Butt & Stinky Butt are new this month.... we're really working on her self esteem ;)

health: Allergies have been a constant this month but we can handle a runny nose lol

sleep: I was all prepared to write she sleeps through the night because she has all month... except for the last two nights :( She has reverted back to waking up twice every night! She hasn't done this since before Christmas really so really hoping it goes back away soon. Think it might be related to teething, but what do I know. I'm just making guesses in the dark here lol

diet: Soy formula, baby food of all kinds (veggies, fruits, and meats). We've tried puffs but she doesn't quite understand them lol will maybe start introducing table foods soon. My hesitation is making sure to stay away from milk products for awhile.

likes: mommy! lol we definitely went through the mommy clingy phase after vacation.

dislikes:The ocean! /cold water in general.

milestones: Crawls (army style ;)) backwards, reaches for you to be picked up, pulls to standing.

things we have done in the last month: 1st vacation & 1st plane ride! 

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