Monday, March 13, 2017

Piper- FIVE months

weight: She was 14 pounds at last weigh in. I'd say around 14.5-15 now lol 

length: was 24.6 probably around the same. 

diaper size: Size 1 still works during the day but we have to sleep in size 2 or we leak

clothing size: 3-6. Mommy finally went shopping and no more too small 0-3! But it'd be super helpful if the weather would stay warm as most of our 3-6 is warm weather clothes

nicknames: P, Pipes, sweet girl, Piper Wiper which also sometimes leads into Piper Wiper Diaper lol

health: doing good! Piper goes to PT twice a week. We will re-evaluate in May to see if she will be done or need some more work. She has been doing great though and there is noticeable progress! Also, her dr does NOT think she will need to be recommended for a baby helmet! happy happy happy dance!

sleep: She is a good sleeper. Does she sleep through the night every night? No. But that's okay :) One thing she is great at is putting herself to sleep. We've never had to do anything specific for her. When she's tired just lay her down and she will chew on her fingers/stare intently at her monitor until she drifts off.

diet: Soy formula. Still trying to get the kid to give cereal a try lol might have to throw the towel in on it and just try other things.

baby gear love: Baby Breeza, Fisher Price seat, and her awesome convertible car seat!!

baby gear hate: We really didn't introduce anything new this month besides her car seat and that was a big success!

likes: Toys are a big hit this month! Still loves oball (though we had to replace her rattle one with just a regular one after the rattle ones were recalled!). She also loves crinkly books! Basically Piper's thought process to toys is this: Can I fit it in my mouth? Yes- I love it. No- I don't like it. This girl loves her some tv! It's become our Saturday morning routine for us to all sit down together and watch a movie. Sometimes Piper makes it through the whole thing, sometimes she needs a nap part way. Sean & I may or may not pause the movie for her ;) 

dislikes: Piper still does not care for her neck stretches, but that's a given.
milestones: Piper can roll from any side now and is doing good at sitting up on her own with just a little support! She really wants to crawl but hasn't quite figured it out yet I will be surprised if next month's milestone doesn't include her first tooth, but we shall see!

things we have done in the last month: First Valentine's Day, met our Aunt Cassidy for the first time, started PT, and lots of Wednesday night play dates with our BFFs Madelyn & Jasen! We also had our first night away from Mommy (but not our first night away from home! Daddy was home with her).

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