Friday, April 14, 2017

Piper- SIX Months

How in the world is my sweet baby half a year old already?! Piper has such a goofy little personality! I can pretty much count on 1 hand the number of times shes had real good crys. She is just always so happy! We are so lucky and blessed to have such a sweet and easy baby. That being said, I do think little miss is going to have a flair for the dramatics ;) If I'm busy doing something and she decides she's ready to be picked up she doesn't cry or whine but rather squawks/yells at me like hey! I'm down here!

weight: We went to the Dr. last Saturday for some antibiotics for a nasty cough and weighed 15 pounds 12 ounces! Our 6 month appointment is at the end of this month. I'm betting P will be 16 pounds by then.

length: Somewhere around 25 inches I would guess.

diaper size: Size 2

clothing size: 3-6/6

nicknames: P, Pipes, Piper Roo, Piper Wiper which also sometimes leads into Piper Wiper Diaper lol

health: Had a nasty cough for much of this month, but it is going away now thank goodness! Glad Piper did not inherit allergies to antibiotics from me!

sleep: She has really started to get the hang of this sleep through the night stuff. She has been staying up later lately. She will usually go to bed between 7-8. She has had several stints of sleeping all night, but sometimes get up before 12 to eat again and go right back to sleep and then I wake her up at 7 to get ready for daycare :)

diet: Soy formula. We've also introduced squash and peas. She doesn't love it, but she tolerates it. We've found it helps if we add cereal to the baby food to make it thicker. She doesn't like it when it's runny. She liked the peas more than the squash. Probably because it was naturally thicker and didn't need any cereal added lol

baby gear love: We've introduced lots of new toys this month! Piper is loving her swing set, her walker, and her jumper!

baby gear hate: No hates this month!

likes: So many likes! This kid is SUCH a happy baby! Piper likes bathtime, swinging outside, jumping in her jumper, walking in her walker, watching tv, watching all her pets (she looks for them all the time!), and playing with her feet.

dislikes: PT lol she likes her therapist! But not the stretches.

milestones: Piper can mostly sit up on her own. Still really wants to crawl but hasn't quite figured out how to move her arms for that yet. So she ends up with her but in the air kind of scooting in a circle lol

things we have done in the last month: Went to our first wedding (congrats Kirst!), have tried squash and peas and planning on trying carrots this weekend, started sitting in a high chair at restaurants, 1st St. Patrick's Day.

Happy half year birthday sweet girl! I can't imagine life without you!  

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